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Great classroom teachers generally excel at implementing four foundational skills: Content Planning, Assessment, Instruction, and Classroom Culture. These practices are vital to establishing a classroom that is focused on student learning and engagement. 

Training in the Four Foundations of Great Teaching gives teachers the practical tools, as well as the understanding, they need to become outstanding teachers. 

The Four Foundations of Great Teaching (linked below) is a 50-page booklet designed for new and experienced teachers, as well as administrators. It lays out the essential practices that make for an effective classroom in four short chapters. Teachers are given specific and practical actions they can implement right away to improve student engagement and learning.

This booklet explores four foundational practices:

Comments from teachers who have had this training
“This was extremely helpful and inspired me to grow and try new strategies in the new school year ahead! Thank you!”

“This was gold for us!”

“Excellent practical suggestions.”

“I appreciated the clear handouts with specific examples of using clear objectives.”

“I am excited to implement the use of clearer objectives and making sure my students are aware of them throughout the lesson.”

“The reference guide to the Four Foundations is formatted to be easy to follow. Thanks! I will be referencing this!”

“I really like the examples of formative assessments and descriptive feedback.”

For more information or to schedule a half, one, or two-day teacher training in the Four Foundations, please contact Bryan Lynch at

Additional Classroom Resources:

Walkthrough Documents

Walkthough Observation Four Foundations

Teacher Action Checklist (Google doc)

Student Action Classroom Observation (Google doc) 

Teacher Movement (Google doc)

Walkthrough Classroom Questions (Google doc)

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