Friday, September 23, 2016

The following is a list of representative observations or behaviors developed by Veritas School teachers during our discussion of the 'skilled in managing classroom procedures' item on our Characteristics of Teaching Excellence. 

Examples of Strong Work
·       Quick transitions
·       Automatic transitions and actions
·       Students ready when lesson starts
·       A “do now” is frequently present
·       “Bell ringer” activities
·       Students have a “to” in transition
·       Focus on next subject/activity
·       Routines completed independently without distracting others
·       Entry work—students know exactly what to do when they enter
·       Kindness
·       Cues for attention
·       Succinct, consistent instructions
·       Schedule on board—notated
·       Teacher sets clear expectations
·       Teacher provides clear directions and expectations
·       Organized copies
·       Respect for others in words and actions
·       Reprimands are quick, consistent, and unemotional
·       Crisis happens: teacher flexibly switches tasks or lesson

Examples of Weak Work
·       One student interacts with teacher, all the rest tune out
·       Unclear instructions
·       Variety in procedures
·       Students are dependent on teacher repeating routines
·       Random thinking without clear purpose
·       Tasks done sloppily, slowly
·       Teacher often reminds
·       Coats, pencil sharpeners, water bottles clutter the floor
·       Disorder
·       Students are not held accountable for their own materials
·       No plan for what students do when they arrive to class
·       Teaching without attention
·       Students interrupt
·       Students unprepared when class starts
·       Students are not sure of routines and cause distraction
·       Teacher waits for students to transition
·       Noise
·       Routines change often/not followed
·       No plan for transitions (lack of clear direction)
·       Frequently heard in the classroom: “what do I do now?”
·       Inconsistent correction of behavior
·       Crisis happens: class grinds to a halt until resolved

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