Thursday, May 6, 2010

Learning and Teaching, chapter II

During the last break I found a book in our favorite book store in La Grande (Earth'n'Book) titled 'Learning and Teaching' (Sheridan and White, authors). It was published in 1918 by the Methodist church. It was written mainly for Sunday School teachers but it also was intended for day school teachers. While some of the theology is suspect (there is much about 'Christian living' and 'Christian service' but next to nothing about sin, justification or the work of the Holy Spirit) much of the discussion about teaching is excellent.

Chapter II: How We Learn

"...the first step in the learning process is realization of the inadequacy of present ways of acting and desire for better ways...Whenever an individual sets out to learn a better way of doing something he is driven to his effort by dissatisfaction with present ways of living, a sense of their inadequacy or incompleteness. This dissatisfaction may be manifested as an eager curiosity to know more--that is, dissatisfaction with present knowledge...In whatever realm, dissatisfaction with present knowledge is an important preliminary to the improvement of knowledge."

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