Sunday, May 9, 2010

Alumni Survey

[This post was originally sent as an email recently to Veritas School's parents.]

We recently conducted an on-line survey of our 60+ graduates, of which twenty-six responded. The survey was taken from the elements of our 'Portrait of a Graduate', the points of which were converted into twenty-one personal statements, such as 'my education at Veritas School taught me to reason precisely and to articulate persuasively.' Responders were asked to rank their level of agreement (Completely Agree, Somewhat Agree, Not Sure, Somewhat Disagree, Completely Disagree). We wanted to see what our graduates think of our efforts at fulfilling our mission and of realizing our goal of the Portrait of a Graduate.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the 'Agrees' heavily outweighing the 'Not Sures' and 'Disagrees'. On 15 of 21 items 'Completely Agree' was the most frequent response. On two items, there was equal response between 'Completely' and 'Somewhat'. On the others, 'Somewhat Agree' was most frequent.

While the survey was taken for our internal use, I thought it would be appropriate to share with you some of the results. I have selected only a few representative items from the survey for this email, but they give you an excellent idea of what our graduates think of their experience as a Veritas student.

My education at Veritas School encouraged/prepared me to:

  • reason precisely and to articulate persuasively: 96% Agreed
  • evaluate my range of experience in the light of Scripture, and to do so with eagerness and joyful submission to God: 89% Agreed
  • speak and write persuasively and wisely in any situation: 89% Agreed
  • persevere in difficult settings: 85% Agreed
  • initiate respectful dialog with those in authority: 92% Agreed
  • use logical reasoning to draw valid conclusions, recognize invalid reasoning, and make wise decisions: 93% Agreed
  • love the elements of a classical education, and gave me a desire to grow in understanding, while fully realizing the limitations and foolishness of the wisdom of the world: 85% Agreed
  • show in my speech and writing a mastery of the core knowledge of the liberal arts: 93% Agreed
  • know and love the Lord Jesus Christ: 89% Agreed
  • practice my Christian faith in thought, word and deed: 85% Agreed

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