Monday, November 23, 2020

Lesson Plan Assessment

 For our All-Faculty meeting for December, we'll be looking over the following (fictitious) lesson plan. 

We'll use part of Teacher Observation Form to guide our assessment and discussion. 

We'll do this individually and in small teacher groups, then as a faculty as a whole. 

Classical Christian Academy

Mr. Johnson

Subject:  5th Grade History

Time: Tuesday, 11:00-11:30








French Revolution: Causes




Causes of the French Revolution







Formative Assessment

Quiz on Friday








1.           Pray

2.       Project a cartoon image of guillotine from French Revolution; tell students what it is and who invented it

3.       Teacher to write the ten causes of the FR on the board and tell a bit about each one

4.       Students write them down

on notebook paper, in their composition book, or  on the back of the map we did yesterday in class

5.       Students start to write a story about themselves during the French Revolution: Imagine you’re a child in France during the revolution. Write a story about your feelings about the revolution.

6.       Students work ten minutes on story, then move to grammar lesson



Live Mini-Lessons for Teacher Professional Development

During our curriculum day time, teachers will be presenting twenty-minute live mini-lessons, with other teachers as the 'class' and audience. Critique and discussion to follow. 

Here's a link to the packet for the day: