Friday, November 30, 2018

Sticky Notes and Poster Review Game

For my Rhetoric class this fall I developed a review game using large poster-sized copies of key charts. These posters are just enlargements of hand-outs, and are very inexpensive at Lazerquick--just a couple of dollars.

Once the concepts have been introduced, the posters become the center of review. The posters are taped to the white board using blue tape. Then, using sticky notes, I cover the important information on the charts. After dividing the class into two teams, (and the teams select a spokesperson to answer),  the game goes like this:
-I begin by giving Team 1 the number to an item to identify (e.g. "Team 1, #1"; the correct answer is "ethos, pathos, logos")
-If Team 1 answers correctly, they get 1 point and then choose the item number Team 2 must answer
-If Team 1's answer is incorrect, Team 2 can answer ('steal') and get the point. Team 2 can then choose an item to answer themselves. (If Team 2's 'steal' attempt is incorrect, Team 1 can answer again. This can go back-and-forth as long as needed or until the teacher supplies the answer.)
-If correct, Team 2 receives a point and then selects the item for Team 1 to answer.

For multiple teams, the same rules apply, except that Team 1 will select for Team 2, Team 2 for Team 3, etc. Opportunities to 'steal' go in order, and the game continues from that Team.

Below are the posters:

'Modes of Persuasion' chart with items covered by stickies
'Causes of Action' chart with some items answered
'Causes of Action' chart with items covered

'Kinds of Rhetoric' chart with items covered