I'm available for phone or on-site training and consultation for the following:

Key Strategies of Assessment for Learning
On-going assessment of student learning, with feedback to students, is a critical compenent of teaching. Too often assessment means grades given at the end of a unit, or quizzes and tests. Effective assessment helps students to answer three important questions: where am I going? where am I now? how can I close the gap? The goals is to shift more of the responsibility for learning from the teacher to the student. 

This training will cover:
  • how to provide students with a clear, understandable vision of the objectives or learning targets
  • how to effectively check for student understanding
  • how to use models of strong and weak work with students
  • how to offer regular and descriptive feedback to students
  • how to teach students to self-assess and set goals
  • how to focus student revision
  • how to engage students in self-reflection, tracking and sharing their learning