How We Learn Quiz KEY

  1. It is most effective for students to have one consistent time and place for study. (F)
  2. Studying a new concept right after you learn it doesn’t deepen memory much. (T)
  3.  Cramming works. (T & F—trick question!)
  4.  Changing the venue for studying can improve ‘retrieval strength’—the ability to remember the content studied—by as much as 40%. (T)
  5.  Guessing wrongly when studying tends to interfere with later recall. (F)
  6.  Attempting to communicate what you’ve learned is 20-30% more powerful than reviewing an outline. (T)
  7.  Giving the mind a break when stuck is counter-productive—it’s best to just ‘power-through’ problems. (F)
  8.  People often remember more of what they’ve left incomplete. (T)
  9.  Varied practice of many related items is more effective than concentrating on one skill. (T)
  10.  Interrupted and scrambles practice sessions lead to less learning over time than focused and uninterrupted study. (F)

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