Harkness Discussion Guidelines

1. Only those who have prepared (e.g have done the background reading) may participate
2. Do not raise hands during the discussion
3. Take turnsallow everyone to have an opportunity to speak
4. Direct comments and questions to other students, and not to the teacher (unless asked to do so)
5. Everyone at the table must participate, though not necessarily equally
6. Refer frequently to the source/text/problem; support your comments by refernce to the text
7. When you ask questions not on the reading guide (which you should!), be sure that they seek to get at the meaning of the text or the importance of the topic. 
8. Ask clarifying questions, if needed
9. Connect your responses to previous comments whenever possible, rather than merely giving your own isolated opinion
10. Connect your responses to previous learning whenever possible
11. Summarize and restate frequently
12. Keep the discussion on topic, but move on when it is clear the topic needs to change


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